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Articles about real estate in Piedmont

Property in Lake Maggiore in Streza, Baveno, Verbania, Cannobio and Arona

21 April 2015

Lake Maggiore is a magic mirror in a beautiful frame of famous gardens and the majestic Alps. It is enough to rent a villa here once to want to stay at this place forever. There are a lot of people who manage to do it. Possibly that is why nowadays real estate rent and sale market is booming in the towns around Lake Maggiore. By the way this year prices went slightly down comparably 2014. 

Rent of villa in Lake Maggiore


You will need at least 250.000 euros to by an apartment in Lake Maggiore in a small town Arona. This town is also called the gates of Maggiore as it is comfortable to start here the route to the places of interest of the lake. Besides wonderful parks and gardens, local wine and cuisine Arona is well known with its embankment where couples in love used to stroll.   


Scarcely price 4.800 euro per sq. m will cool foreigners’ wish to rent or buy a villa in Lake Maggiore in Streza. This is an amazing town with its classic Italian streets and tiny traditional squares, luxurious hotels, villas, trendy restaurants and expensive boutiques, which also consists of the Borromean Islands (Madre, Bella, Pescatori).


Those who want to live far away from rush will be interested to rent or buy property in the western coast of Lake Maggiore in Baveno. You will be amazed with romantic parks, fountains, small lakes, pink villas of XVIII-XIX cc. and luxurious hotels. Sure stunning sceneries, lake view, magnificent examples of Renaissance architecture and best modern service are worth to consider the price 3.000 euros to rent a villa to be not too high.

baveno streza verbania - real estate in Lake Maggiore


Cannobio is one of the oldest towns in Lake Maggiore, which has dozns of unique places of interest with thousand-years history. Today Cannobio is a popular health-resort town with its clean beaches, beautiful villas and hotels. The town has the direct highway to Switzerland. 3500-5100 euros is an average price for property in Cannobio.  


Verbania is one of the youngest towns in Maggiore created by uniting of ancient villages Intra, Pallanza and Suna in late thirties of XX century. Verbania can offer reasonable prices for property in the range of 3.700-5.300 euros and a lot of amazing places of interest and great variety of entertainment. 

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