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Prestigious Lake Como for rich and famous

22 abril 2015

Lake Como (Lago di Como) is located in Como province, Lombardy, in the northern Italy among Alps, just 50 km from Milan and at the same distance to Switzerland. Surrounded with Alps the coastal area of the lake is well protected from cold wind and has its own unique ecosystem. That’s why in real estate LAR Immobili we observe great demand for property in towns around Lake Como.

Magic World

Lake Como has really wonderful surroundings, which include unique Mediterranean architecture of ancient and modern villas, hotels, houses under the traditional red-brown roofs, magnificent mountains, bright green parks, gardens and orchards with pomegranates and chestnuts, flowers smell of laurel and myrtle, fig trees and oleander. Villa Balbianello built in 1787 is a fabulous symbol of the lake and is located in the only Como’s island Comacina. By the way the villa where scenes of "Casino Royale" and "Star Wars” were filmed is available for rent.

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The place for perfect vacation

Como is an ideal place created by nature and people for those who know how to enjoy life. In past times Virgil and Pliny the Younger possessed villas in Como, and now celebrities and politicians from all over the world choose this place for their leisure. There are a lot of things to do and places to go here. You can have a cup of coffee or slow meal in nice cafes or trendy restaurants with fresh fish, or visit popular local fairs, or just enjoy riding, cycling, diving, playing golf, boating, etc. Many businessmen prefer to live here, as it is calm and comfortable but close to one of the most attractive business cities - Milan.

Center of European life

From Como it will take you just half an hour to get Milan by car or train. The city is the heart of the fashion world and the second largest city in Italy. Milan is famous for "haute couture" shows of Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, the world's best shopping boutiques, outlets, exclusive restaurants and clubs, La Scala Theatre, dozens of museums, galleries and cathedrals. Not far away from Como you will find another famous health-resort town Lugano, located in the coast of Lake Lugano in Switzerland, and owned by the Swiss and Italians at the same time.

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"English" lake

In the XIX century, the English aristocracy preferred to spend their leisure in Lake Como. A lot of dukes, earls and barons with their families and servants used to stay in villas and hotels of Lake Como for months. Today magic of Como attraction is sill strong as many respectable gentlemen turn to real estate LAR Immobili to buy or rent property around lake Como.

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