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Elite new building in downtown of Milano

22 अप्रैल 2015


A new luxury residential complex «PienoCentro», built in 2014 in the prestigious "green" district of ​​Milan, next to the city centre.  On the one hand, this is a high-tech place for active people on the other hand it is the best space for comfortable relax. Such a combination in «PienoCentro» is the international concept for future housing.

This residential complex is well located as it stands next to one of the main transport arteries of the city, boulevards, and squares, commercial and cultural centers. There is a park «Formentano» with equipped areas for sports and relax in a few steps of «PienoCentro». So this is really a good place for comfort, health and safe living.

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Interior design

The inner space of each apartment in «PienoCentro» was carefully thought over and as a result perfect balance of convenience and style was achieved. The best finishing materials, large panoramic terrace, natural wood and granite floor were used to embody original design solutions and projects. All apartments are equipped with home automatic system.


«PienoCentro» offers a wide range of extra services, which help to escape small everyday worries, giving more time for life. “Personal concierge” service on the ground floor is open all year round, from Monday till Friday. On request, it provides

- Any private activities arrangement;

- Dinner ordering at a restaurant or with a chef;

- The purchase and booking of all kinds of tickets;

- Taxi at the appointed place;

- Babysitting and animator;

- Flowers and magazines delivery;

- Laundry service;

- Move arrangement;

- Food purchase and more.

Entrance to the lobby and all public areas are under video surveillance to ensure full security of residents and their guests during the day.

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Everything for luxurious life

Residential complex «PienoCentro» has spacious public areas, equipped with media and Internet where you can meet your guests, hold a business meeting, or even arrange a party.

The public facilities of «PienoCentro» also includes:

- Roof garden;

- Fitness centre;

- Relax area with massage rooms;

- Walk-in refrigerator for shopping;

- Kids’ playground and club;

- Parking for bicycles;

- Conference hall;

- Free space for wheelchairs


Comfort and Technology

Personal concierge and home automatic systems applications can be controlled with cell phones, smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the configuration of home automatic system, its functions and options can be adapted to your life style, ensuring full control of energy consumption, lighting control, external and internal security alarm, sound system, etc. Residential complex «PienoCentro» was created to rethink the concept of modern life and make it more enjoyable

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