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Famous villas in Lake Como

21 अप्रैल 2015

Villa D'Este

Exclusive Villa D'Este is one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. The hotel consists of a main building of the Renaissance and two small villas surrounded by a park with sculptures, terraces, XVI century paintings created by Italian painters. None of the 152 rooms at Villa D'Este is like another, and the service is upscale. 


Villa Balbianello

Magic Castle Villa Balbianello of XVIII century is located in a promontory Dosso di Lavedo of Comacina island, on the green slope right next to the lake. The villa has twenty luxurious rooms with frescoes and antique furniture, a restaurant with terraces and stunning views of the lake. The residence includes a unique Cascade Park, where there are the laurels and cypresses, chestnuts and wild cherries, roses, wild grapes and hundreds other species of plants.

villas in lake Como

Villa Erba

Villa Erba is one the most famous villas of Lake Como, it was built in 1820 on the place of a medieval monastery. The hotel has a magnificent interior design of marble and redwood with original frescoes and sculptures, rich decoration of rooms and a stunning garden. Villa Erba also includes a wonderful restaurant, ballroom and even a helipad. For a long time the villa had belonged to the family of the great theatre, opera and cinema director Luchino Visconti.

Villa Passalacqua

Superb Villa Passalacqua welcomes its guests in the royal apartments with 12 bedrooms, separate living and dining areas. Inside the villa resembles an art museum with marble columns, murals, golden walls, mirrors, fireplaces, high ceilings with arches and murals. There is a swimming pool, sun terrace and barbecue area in the exotic garden area.

Villa Olmo

Villa Olmo, which is a historical and cultural symbol of Lake Como, was built in 1812. It consists of a palace and a park. Antique style prevails in architecture and design of the villa. In the XIX century the villa used to be visited by European royals and nobility. The park includes a beautiful fountain with musical backlit, and its own theatre where premiere performances, music competitions and prestigious exhibitions are held.

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Villa Carlotta

Snow-white Villa Carlotta built in 1690 is as beautiful as a princess, who used to possess it, and whose name the villa bears today. This is a place for luxurious vacation. Its interior design has the style the Renaissance period. A garden with fountains and sculptures of white and pink marble is a real masterpiece of landscape art, cared by 15 gardeners.

 Villa Geno

Popular Hotel Villa Geno is a delightful place for a romantic or family leisure. The hotel has superb staff and service. Its restaurant with a large outdoor area in the garden and gazebo in the lake is famous for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine with fresh seafood. 

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