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Como Golf Club "Menaggio & Cadenabbia"

6 2월 2015

In the end of XIX century Lake Como became a pilgrimage center for British people who appreciate high quality of European tourism. Gentlemen started building and buying villas here.  While leisure time they played cricket, visited each other, enjoyed picturesque sceneries, went fishing. But in January 1907 having tired of monotonous rest four Englishmen arranged a meeting "Victoria" hotel in Mennagio and decided to establish a golf club "Menaggio and Cadenabbia" having shared their participation in the project. A banker Henry J. Milius became its President, Mr. Lacetter and Mr. Elliot became the honorable secretaries and Mr. Backland who was the commander of the Royal Navy became the first honorable member.

Lake Como Golf Club Menaggio and Cadenabbia

They found a perfect lawn close to Croce town. The same year the first nine holes of the golf course were created. In 1919 a new President of the golf club bought more land closer to Mennagio and the golf course was widen up to 18 holes, later it was equipped with such necessary units as sandy traps. In 1961 Antonio Poncoroni who was a golf faithful fan and promoter, a founder of Italian Professional Golf Association, an organizer of Junior National «Campionato Nazionale Cadetti e Pulcini», bought and headed this golf club. In 2007 "Menaggio and Cadenabbia" solemnly celebrated its centenary.

Lake Como Golf Club in Lake Como Menaggio and Cadenabbia

Today «Menaggio and Cadenabbia» is the second oldest Italian golf club and one of the most famous places of interest in Lake Como. Kids Golf Academy headed by Fernando Perini and Alessandro Formenti runs here and from March 15 till November 15 the club arranges tournaments for teens and adults. Having comfortable working hours the golf club gives its customers a perfect opportunity to play golf with friends and book a table for a delicious dinner in the restaurant where Massimo Salomioni and Aurelio Della Torre are the chefs. A club house has a rich library inherited from the British founders. During the last century it became even more majestic and noble. Here till nowadays customs and traditions of Victorian England are saved with ancient paintings and engravings, which underline the age-old story of this unique club.

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